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30: What I Wish For

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I actually write this post with a bit of emotion, it’s my 20’s recap, and it’s been a fuc*ing big decade.

My 20’s saw me meet my soul mate, fall in love & get married, become an aunty multiple times, and farewell loved ones too. I bought property, commenced developments, graduated uni, held various jobs, started my own business and most recently, this blog. Friendships have formed, changed, evolved and shifted. I’ve had lots of fun, laughed a lot, shed plenty of tears, and done a hell of a lot of growing up.

There are things that happened that I wasn’t expecting and things that I was, which haven’t happened yet. One of those things is starting a family, I thought that at some point in time the fertility-fairy would flick a switch and I’d be “ready” for that chapter to begin. As a 20 year old I remember thinking to myself I’d start a family by 30… I mean it was a whole decade. It hasn’t happened yet, by choice I might add. In fact the switch that’s been flicked seems to be ambition and it’s bubbled over into this blog and an ever-lengthening list of to-do’s. Part of me is anxious that I’m running out of time to do everything, go everywhere and achieve it all before I jump in the family-deep-end but part of me is also relaxed knowing it will happen, just exactly when it’s suppose to.

Something else miraculous has happened in my 20’s, self acceptance. I finally, FINALLY grew into my own skin. I had some very awkward teen years (and that very can’t be italicised enough) but somewhere through my 20’s I found myself giving less of a shit about what everyone else thought and caring more about what makes ME happy. Of course I was so lucky to find Mitch (aka hubs) and not a day goes by when I’m not thankful for his love & support, but I’m also proud of how far I’ve come on my own and what I’ve achieved. I think in some part that’s why I’ve been putting off family; however selfish it may sound, after all these years of ‘finding myself’ I finally feel like I can call off the search party and it’s not that this time has been wasted but I’m just not ready to have a bigger priority than me, yet. I’m also not prepared for all-the-feels… I can’t imagine caring for someone more than (or equal to) Mitch. I just need a little more time to enjoy this moment.

So, what’s next? Who knows!? What ever happens I know that my 30’s is due to be another formative decade and, if I’m lucky, bring with it some of my best years yet. I’m genuinely excited.

Now it’s time to inform you that this post was simply an elaborate ploy to get you to read what I wish for… for my 30th birthday. That’s right, it’s a birthday gift guide… for myself (you might want to locate a pen so you can jot this down). Lol, jks. Well, it is actually is my wish list, but I hope it might also provide some gifting inspo for any upcoming birthdays for family or friends!

My Birthday Gift Guide…

The Olympus Pen & Accessories

Birthday Gift Guide - Olympus Pen
I’ve actually already received this from hubs as an early bday present (when sales happen, you buy the things). It’s a bloggers dream camera, and while i’m still exploring all it’s functions I’m also exploring all of its accessories, including cute leather straps and cases. I went for classic black/silver since it’ll be a shared piece of equipment & less likely to collect dirty fingerprints but it also comes in THE MOST GORGEOUS white leather.

Samantha Wills

Birthday Gift Guide - Samantha Wills Gift Guide Samantha Wills Ring
Jewellery – can’t go wrong with Jewellery. Especially when it’s Samantha Wills and her STUNNING range of pearl rings. The iconic Tear Drop is also a perfect gift (I literally just bought one for a gf’s 30th) and there are always new designs being released which are perfectly on trend, like this white marble beauty.

Charlie Middleton Fold Over

Birthday GIft Guide - Charlie Middleton Clutch
Anyone that follows my instagram will know the name Charlie Middleton. My black leather tote is the best investment I’ve ever made, it’s my everyday handbag (and therefore tagged in nearly all my photos). Last year I was lucky enough to add a cute navy clutch to the collection, and next on my list is this baby… the fold over. I just love this brand, made in Bondi, and exceptional quality. Highly recommend.

New Season Boots

Gift Guide Tony Bianco Boots
Tony Bianco. Just, yes…

Aje Tee

Aje-Name Gift Guide Aje tee
All hail the Aje Tee. The only thing better than stripes & sequins… is personalised sequins. The iconic Aje Tee would be gift enough but they also occasionally offer a limited edition customised tee, with personalised initials. That’s pretty spesh.

Prada Sunnies

Spotted these babies at Sunglass Hut and there’s not much to say really, these round frames are so on point and, well… Prada. That is all.

Spa Day @ The Langham

Langham-Spa Gift Guide Langham Sydney
Three words any woman is happy to hear; Luxury Spa Day. And here’s 4 more words for you… Detox, Renew, Relax, Rejuvenate. Want more words? Underground sanctuary. Still not sold? … Alice in Wonderland Afternoon Tea. So, what name shall we put that booking under??


A classic gift, but you can’t go wrong with perfume. I’m a Versace Signature girl but gimme any shiny gold (or pink) bottle like this line up and I’m going to be a very very happy camper.


So that’s that, hope you can make use of this Birthday Gift Guide for someone special!

On the 3rd of April I’ll be 3 decades old… 30… I can’t wait.
N x

*all image credits to respective websites, as per links.


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