About CalmlyKaotic

Hi I’m Nicky Lark, I’m a style obsessed graphic designer, marketing grad, wife, kind-of-photographer, ultimate multi-tasker and glass-half-full type.

Oh, and an influencer-slash-blogger. And a Vedic meditator. And a sucker for a good coffee.

I created my blog at the end of my 20’s (a transformational decade for many reasons, as the 20’s are for most) and I’ve since realised how much my 30’s have to offer. Including but not limited to, better fashion, better travel and better health.

My blog is here to share what I love… inspo & laughs. It’s for the peeps who love fashion, travel, and look at the sky with curiosity & bright eyes. I suppose it’s for the peeps like me who are on a mission to make the most of it.

There’s a saying about a duck; while it glides gracefully across the pond, underneath the waterline its legs are kicking a million miles an hour to propel said duck towards its destination. That, is me in life. Hence the name. CalmlyKaotic is all about embracing the wild chaos, striving to create my best life, and laughing through it.

So, this is me. I grew up in a beach town on the South Coast of NSW in Australia (a place I still call home), but find myself in Sydney on the regular and vacay around the world at every chance. I love writing, my hubby, my kitty, and the sea, and I love exploring clothes racks, and the world, for all things amazing. My style is both minimalist and eclectic, and while you’ll find me in denim most days I love a good statement piece whether it be a killer blazer, sequins, a vintage bag or ahhmazing shoes.

After having learnt the practice of Vedic Meditation late 2015 I’ve been on an interesting wellbeing journey and invite you to join me as I navigate the path to being a conscious consumer, and leading a healthier, happier lifestyle.

There’s no question that the decade ahead will have many twists and turns, but my hope is that it will be some of the best years yet.

I hope you’ll enjoy my journey through 30.

Nicky x

For any questions relating to the blog or collaborations, please contact me.

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