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Sydney City Mini Break: Novotel Darling Square

Novotel Darling Square

We love to get away on mini breaks, it’s amazing how just getting out of the house for even one night recharges the battery and feeds the desire to explore. A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to be invited to check out Novotel Darling Square for a little mid-week getaway with Leo. It’s been more than a decade since I’ve visited this pocket of the city and I was blown away with how it’s changed. The location…

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Motherhood Nursery

Let’s Talk Nappies: My Review of the Eenee Compostable

Eenee eco-friendly nappies

When I found out I was pregnant one of the things I felt passionately about, was nappies. I didn’t know a lot about them to be honest. All I knew was that I didn’t want toxic chemical products on my bubs bits, and that throwing ‘away’ thousands of nappies to landfill over Leo’s infancy didn’t sit well with me. I’ve since learned A LOT. The reality looks like this; more than 4 million plastic nappies are being sent to landfill…

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My breastfeeding journey: The importance of self-talk and trusting my body

my breastfeeding journey

I admit breastfeeding has been relatively smooth sailing for us, so when Medela approached me to share my breastfeeding journey, I didn’t realise that I would have quite so much to say. Fast forward through our birth story (coming soon), and we had a blissful experience in the hospital. Despite feeling battered and broken I got the giggles instead of the typical ‘day 3’ tears, Leo was a contented little dream, and we left on day 5 feeling confident after…

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Life Motherhood

The Truth Behind the Smile


There was a point in time, when this girl did not exist. Her smile, her joy, was absent. I’m telling this story now because I know a lot of people might see this smile (or read my blog posts about wellness and ease) and never question that it was any other way… It was 2015. We were due to move into our newly built house when, upon applying for our occupation certificate, it was uncovered that there was a critical…

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Life Motherhood Nursery

Finding Ease – My Motherhood Journey So Far

Mitch said to me in the early hours of the other morning, after I’d done a Nappy change and settled back into bed to feed Leo, “do you think you’ve turned into some kind of freak energiser bunny since you became a mum? I’m very impressed. You’re amazing”. I laughed, and as he rolled over and went back to sleep I sat there staring at Leo and having a moment of reflection, because the truth is… I’m feeling REALLY good.…

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New kitchen Love

caesarstone x calmlykaotic

It’s finally complete and I could not be happier with our beautiful kitchen! We started our latest reno in about March ’18 and ended up going for about 3 months without a kitchen. It’s very much like us to go bull at a gate and didn’t anticipate things taking a little longer than expected. But we got there in the end and it was well worth the wait. If you’ve been following our reno over at House of Lark you…

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Life Motherhood Nursery

38 weeks & my mantra for labour

I trust my body and I trust my baby. I trust in their wisdom and that when the timing is right all I need to do, is be calm and rest assured that my body and my baby will work together exactly as nature designed them to. This is the sentence I’ve got on repeat as I enter my 38th week of pregnancy, knowing that bub is now engaged and could come any time. It’s honestly feeling very surreal but…

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Our Pre-Baby Staycay at Quay West Suites Sydney

Mitch and I recently had the privilege of staying at Quay West Suites Sydney for a special pre-baby staycay. It’s a special window of time for us, with bub only 8 weeks away we’re making the most of time together. Enjoying each other’s company without distraction, eating at beautiful restaurants without looking at the time, sleep-ins, and the little things like grabbing an overnight bag and just walking out the door not to return for a couple of days. Quay…

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Home Life

My Process of Simplifying

I’ve been on a mission for a little while now. Operation simplification. The simple clutter-free life has charm and appeal on so many levels and I’m just at a point where STUFF for the sake of STUFF doesn’t appeal to me. It doesn’t appeal to me on a sustainability level, it doesn’t make any sense financially to waste and consume, and most importantly it takes up space in our heads as much as our homes. As Macklemore so aptly said…

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Here’s why I’m not eating meat in my Pregnancy

why im not eating meat in pregnancy

I get un-approving looks when I say I’m not eating meat during my pregnancy. I acknowledge that there’s things in meat that you can’t readily get elsewhere, like B12 which is why I take a supplement for that. But I am getting my Iron, protein, calcium etc from alternative high grade sources such as organic leafy greens, beans and nuts etc. It’s so important to support the body during pregnancy, by eating foods that are high quality, organic, non-complex (in…

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