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Interior Inspo – Welcome to my Living Room

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Welcome to my living room. It’s been a long time coming… 2 years in fact. It was suppose to take 6 months. Our new home; built, then destroyed, then re-built… Yep. The biggest disaster of our lives to date – a mammoth development f*ck up that cost us 2 years of our lives (both financially and otherwise). It was a stress filled, money guzzling vortex of angst & disappointment but that’s another story.

Thankfully, we finally get to put that whole life interlude behind us and have since put the finishing touches on the house, and it’s comforting to say it now feels like home. I would say I have a bit of an eclectic style when it comes to my interior obsessions and have been lucky enough to test a whole heap of paint, flooring, kitchen & bathroom options across 3 other renovations. In the end we stuck with white & wood as our base (can’t go wrong) and have styled our main living space with a mix of furniture we already owned, along with new items, an incredible rug and some amazing artwork from Penny Farthing Design House.

I’ll let the photos do the talking but here’s a sneak peek into how I styled my living room using items new & old.

Interior Inspo Artwork

Artwork – Penny Farthing Design House

Both of the beautiful artworks featured in my home are from Penny Farthing DH (Visit their website to order online, or visit their stunning gallery on Darling Street, Balmain. And following their instagram is a necessity for beautifully curated design inspo delivered direct to your phone. Shop the Pines artwork here, or Give Me Wings here.

White Stool – From T&C Furniture

This store is in my neighbourhood, and has some beautiful furniture and homewares including amazing one off pieces from India. You can check out their current stock online here.

Pillows – Kmart & Freedom Furniture

Plant & Pot – Strelitzia Nicolai – aka Bird of Paradise – from Bunnings
Desk Lamp – Ikea

Pre-loved wedding chest from India – via Town & Country

Butterfly Chair – Aldi (Yep, seriously keep your eye on those best buys!)
Mirror – Reconditioned

Red Persian Rug Interior Style

Rug – Imported from India

The story of the Rug! I had decided on a rug, and after putting off the purchase for more than a month I bit the bullet and went to the website to place the order… it was no longer available. Typical! I thought at the time. But, a month later we had a trip planned to India and little did I know the rug that was destined to be ours was hiding in a rug store in Agra. Our hand woven rug took one family about a year to make, and despite costing more than double what I had originally been prepared to pay for a rug we just couldn’t walk away from it. The purchase experience was seamless – once we chose our rug, we signed the bottom of it (so we knew when it arrived to Australia that it was the exact rug we chose) – and it was delivered the day after we arrived home. I have to admit, sipping specially prepared chai while we sat among rugs being rolled out at speed and in every direction, was one of my favourite experiences of India! There’s something really special about having this in our home.

If you have any questions about any of the items featured in my living room, pop them in the comments!

N x

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