Celebrating Our Anniversary at The QVB Sydney

CalmlyKaotic X QVB

11 years together whoa, it really doesn’t seem that long. Well, it does and it doesn’t. Day-in and day-out life is great with hubs – we’re pretty easy going, rarely argue and as the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun! …Except for those couple of years.

There was a lot of stress there for a bit (and you can read about that here) but it was the strength of our relationship that got us through the relentless punch-in-the-gut challenges and that is precisely why we like to acknowledge all of the years, not just the 7 since our vows.

More now than ever I’m of the opinion that you should work to live, not live to work. We have a plan, and invest our hard earned wisely but believe in rewarding ourselves and our achievements. It’s why we’ve bit the bullet on smashing out some travel, and it’s why this anniversary we jumped in the car and road tripped from the South Coast to Sydney… with a new hand bag, date night outfit and watch on our wish lists QVB was calling my name.

As we strolled through the halls I realised that while QVB had been calling my name, all.of.the.labels were whispering sweet nothings to me. Naughty labels.

It was such an enjoyable day, nice to while away the hours enjoying each others company and shopping for meaningful gifts with each other, not just for each other.

We mulled over final selections while lunching & despite finding favourite bags in Oroton, Salvatore Ferragamo & Bally, I settled on the Oroton (with new season interchangeable strap – game changer!). We also found the perfect Emporio Armani watch for hubs from WSI Watches, had fun selecting our favourite vacay sunnies from Sunglass Hut and of course, a girl needs an outfit for the main event right!?… thank you Karen Millen!

QVB Shopping QVB Sydney

CalmlyKaotic x The QVB

Salvatore Ferragamo QVB

QVB Shopping Sydney

QVB Anniversary Shopping

CalmlyKaotic x Sunglass Hut QVB

QVB Shopping Sydney

Calmly Kaotic Blog

Karen Millen X Nicky Lark - CalmlyKaotic

CalmlyKaotic X Karen Millen QVB

CalmlyKaotic x Karen Millen

QVB Sydney

Calmly Kaotic Blog x QVB Shopping

I remember visiting QVB as a kid and even back then being in awe of the architecture, I still am. It’s a pretty special experience to shop there, for the labels as much as the landmark, and it brings a different level of meaning to just ‘going shopping’.

I look forward to sharing my full anniversary outfit in a follow-up post!

Hope you love our snaps from the day! Big shout out to the store assistant in Sunglass Hut, and my girl @leatherandlattes for helping to capture the fun of the day!

N x

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