Why You Need A Statement Coat

CalmlyKaotic x H&M

This year was my first year at Sydney Fashion Week, and it was a pretty amazing whirlwind. More on that in a blog post to come… but for now I just want to share with you my favourite outfit from the week… feat THIS H&M COAT. 

There are a whole bunch of reasons why this coat stood out in-store like there was a shining light from above beaming down upon it, but more importantly there is a bunch of reasons why YOU need at least one statement coat in your wardrobe

H&M Coat
1 – It’s Unique

If you find yourself looking at a coat or blazer saying “holy shit, it’s amazing, I haven’t seen anything like it” then it’s something you need to put in your wardrobe – stat. Because, I guarantee if you don’t, the little fashion fairy will be forever on your shoulder reminding you of all the outfits that could have been.

H&M Statement Coat
H&M x CalmlyKaotic
2 – It’s designed to last

The beauty of a good coat or blazer is that while trends will come and go, a coat is a coat. It’s an item that usually hangs in our wardrobe for an unusually long amount of time, not just because it’s (generally) of a heartier construction, but because they have a classic structure & design. I’m always happy to invest in a coat, because I know it will give me joy for multiple seasons and many years.

CalmlyKaotic - Statement Coat  
Calmly Kaotic Blog - Statement Coat
3- It’s a Keeper

Building on the last point, the beauty of a statement coat is that it’s just that, a statement. It’s something that defies all trends; it’s both beautiful, and different. Something that’s capable of falling into this category never goes out of style. If you add that piece in your wardrobe you’re guaranteed to look upon it with heart shaped eyes for as long as you both shall live – not just because it’s still physically in good condition, but because you LOVE it, and in years to come you’ll bring it out and it’ll be the item that literally alllways scores a compliment.

AR8V9996-2 AR8V9997-2AR8V9980-2
4 – It’s got YOU written all over it

There’s no real explanation as to why we have different taste, why one person will LOVE something and the next person will simply say ‘it’s not for me‘. And we usually build our unique sense of style in layers – it’s the certain way we repetitively wear any given combination of items, right? So, if you happen to find a single piece of clothing that really speaks to your style, your personality, something that is effortlessly you then that’s a pretty spectacular find, and it belongs in your wardrobe.

IMG_0367-2 IMG_0373-2 IMG_0376-2
It’ll make you feel like a million bucks

Whether it’s a vintage find or designer issue, finding and wearing that statement coat will make you feel like a million bucks. My first fashion week was somewhat intimidating… there was just SO.MUCH.FASHION… but that’s precisely why this outfit was my fav for the week; I didn’t have to build an outfit, I just let the coat do the talking & I felt completely at home walking into day 4. Feeling good is not a vein pursuit peeps, we only live once and we should allow ourselves to feel great every day.


The moral of the story? Buy the coat.

Visit H&M to find this Coat… and if you happen to adore the rest of the outfit too, you can find the Nikki Williams Clutch here, this classic & totally chic Hanellei flared sleeve top here, Billini pumps here, Prada aviators from Sunglass Hut here and the One Teaspoon ripped denim skirt here.

Also a HUGE thanks to Ant from Glimpse Photography for helping me capture these stunnnning photos. More to come from our collab!

N x

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