About CalmlyKaotic

A good friend often says to me ‘we’re only ever in a constant state of evolution’.
Well, it would seem that I’m evolving fast… and I love it.

I created my blog at the end of my 20’s (a transformational decade for many reasons, as the 20’s are for most) and I’ve since realised just how much my 30’s have to offer. Including but not limited to, better fashion, better travel, better health, and Motherhood.

After having learnt the practice of Vedic Meditation late 2015 I’ve been on an interesting journey as I’ve removed the blinders and become aware of our limitless capacity as humans in this crazy wonderful world. I’ve shifted my perspective on my health and wellness opting for a plant based diet & a chemical free home, I’ve tilted toward slow living, and I’ve learnt about the wisdom of Ayurveda and the benefit of a holistic approach to my health. I’ve opened up my thinking about the power of nature and of what true success looks like. I’ve decided the time is now to challenge aspects of life which have sadly become the norm.

We’re living in a crazy age. It’s time to refocus. I want need to share it all, to organize my thoughts but also because now more than every I’ve found my purpose.

I’m more than just a body with some time to kill.
We are all way more than that.

My blog is here to share the constant evolution of what I LOVE and what I uncover about life. It started out as a place to share my OOTD’s but it’s evolved rapidly, and you’ll be finding a whole lot more substance and passion moving forward. Stuff from the soul.

My blog is for the peeps who love fashion, travel, and look at the sky with curiosity & bright eyes. But it’s more than that, now. It’s for the peeps like me who are on a mission to make the most of it, live their best lives, be their best self, and elevate.

There’s a saying about a duck; while it glides gracefully across the pond, underneath the waterline its legs are kicking a million miles an hour to propel said duck towards its destination. That, is me in life. Hence the name. CalmlyKaotic is all about embracing the wild chaos all the while cultivating the calm. It’s about learning how to nourish myself inside and out, how to thrive, how to create my best life, and how to laugh through it. It’s a modern approach to conscious living, in a busy world that isn’t stopping any time soon.

I invite you to join me as I navigate the path to being a conscious consumer and leading a healthier lifestyle, full of all of the joy that life has to offer.

There’s no question that the decade ahead will have many twists and turns, but my hope is that it will be some of the best years yet!

I hope you’ll enjoy my journey through 30, through motherhood, through the mind blowing magic that is life.

N x