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The Thankyou Movement

The thankyou movement

If you haven’t heard of The Thankyou Movement… click here immediately.

Australians spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year on bottled water, food, soap and other consumer goods. What if purchasing these everyday products could provide life-changing solutions to people in need? Enter ‘Thankyou’… a social enterprise which exists purely for the purpose of helping fund projects that assist the 1.4 BILLION people in our world living in extreme poverty.

For example, my bottle of Patchouli & Vanilla Hand Wash which sits pretty on my vanity (and smells amazing) , is actually assigned to fund Hygiene Education & Sanitation in Zimbabwe, which helps in the prevention of water born diseases. This is REAL, know how I know? Every single product has a Tracking ID, which means you can see exactly how you’re helping to make a difference. It’s addictive, I found myself tracking all of my Thank you products… my afternoon snack (a fruit and nut bar) is helping fund a Food For Future Agricultural Program in Cambodia. This is beyond amazing!

I feel blessed every day that I was born in Australia, brought up with first world amenities and with safety, love and freedom. In fact, if you’re reading this now, you are one the lucky ones too having access to something we ordinarily accept as the norm… technology. The Thankyou movement empowers each and every one of us to help change the world by making simple choices in our every day life… it’s as easy as choosing Thankyou.


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