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My Process of Simplifying

I’ve been on a mission for a little while now. Operation simplification. The simple clutter-free life has charm and appeal on so many levels and I’m just at a point where STUFF for the sake of STUFF doesn’t appeal to me. It doesn’t appeal to me on a sustainability level, it doesn’t make any sense financially to waste and consume, and most importantly it takes up space in our heads as much as our homes.

As Macklemore so aptly said it in one of my fav songs… “Things are just things they don’t make you who you are, can’t pack up a u-haul and take it with you when you’re gone”. I’m all about the experience these days, being present in my life. And it’s not about not having nice things. It’s about having things that that you truly value, and removing the things that not only clutter physical space but clutter emotional space too.

It’s definitely baby steps and I can definitely look at where I am now and see huge amount of growth but it hasn’t happened overnight. It can be overwhelming when you make the decision to do this work, and then you look at a room and think “omg, it all needs to go… but, where do I even start!?”. So, I thought I’d share some tips on how to start the process of simplification.

How to start the process of simplifying

Visualise how you want the space to look before you start

If you have an idea of what you want the finished product to look like, you’ll have a better chance at completing the task at hand. Plan where you would like the furniture to go. Look at mood boards and inspiration pages to determine what you are aiming for and Pinterest quotes and minimalist inspo.

“clutter is not just the stuff on your floor – it’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living” – Peter Walsh.

Focus on one room at a time

It takes time and commitment to completely declutter each room in the house. Allocate specific blocks of time to each room and don’t be overwhelmed by the process, even if it’s one drawer at a time! It’s much better to walk away feeling accomplished with a small win than to bury yourself for a whole day and walk away feeling defeated for not having made a dent. Move onto a new room or new space once you’ve finished an entire room. The sense of accomplishment will spur you on to the next space that requires attention.

Categorize and make the hard decisions

Filter through all your belongings and put things into defined piles or boxes; keep, toss, donate, sell… and put a box aside for things you’re REALLY unsure about. Anything you’re sitting on the fence about you most likely do not need, but put it away and out of sight with a clear deadline that if you don’t go back to the box or think about those items in 3 months, then it can go too.

Create an exit strategy

You need to have a strategy in place for removing all the extra stuff, including the goods you’re planning on tossing and the furnishings you’re going to donate. How you’re going to package the things you’re getting rid of is also something to consider. Do you have room in your bins, and boxes on hand? If you’re serious about this process then hiring boxes from a company such as Hire-a-Box is one way to get organised and stay motivated. If you’re not keeping these boxes, then hiring them is a good solution.

Stick to a routine

Decluttering the house is only the first step to simplifying. The next step is to create a routine and stick to it. Simplifying is a lifestyle and requires constant monitoring. Be conscious of decisions you make using forward so you don’t refill these spaces with new clutter… trust me, it’s easy to do. Remind yourself regularly of why you wanted to declutter in the first place, and refer back to your visualisations about a simplified life. Incorporate donation runs and clearing of unnecessary items into the regular routine. The only way to maintain minimalism is to integrate it into your lifestyle, it’s such a good feeling when you do.

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This is a sponsored post, written in collaboration with Hire A Box & Influencer Management Service – #AsSeenOn. While this post was sponsored my content is authentic and I own my words. You can read my full disclosure statement here.


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