Fresh from the Runway with Iva Pfeiffer

Back in February I was lucky enough to attend a number of shows at New York Fashion Week. When I started this journey a couple of years back never in my wildest dreams did I think that I’d be invited to runways in the city I’ve dreamed about visiting my entire life. One of those shows was the Oxford Fashion Studio Showcase featuring Aussie-Czech designer Iva Pfeiffer.

The showcase was an eclectic mix of styles from a talented group of designers, but I fell in love with Iva’s unique style and had the pleasure of meeting her face-to-face during her recent trip to Sydney. I was excited to hear about what’s coming for Iva after having shown at MBFWA ’16 and followed up by NYFW ’17. Focusing on customised special events women’s wear her garments have a luxury aesthetic whilst also being sustainably produced from an ethical supply chain. They feature exquisite textures including camel fur, intricate beading and luxe velvet and I’m thrilled to share with you some of her incredible looks from fresh off the runway.

“I don’t believe in disposable fashion. I make things that last. I believe that if fashion wants to stay relevant it has to evolve. Not just rehash old ideas but really get on board with the concepts of sustainability, accountability and transparency.”

– Iva Pfeiffer

“Renowned for luxe fabrics, small runs, intricate designs and an ethical supply chain, the brand is at the forefront of an emerging new trend – high end, ethical Australian fashion design brands.”

Iva Pfeiffer x Calmly Kaotic

Iva Pfeiffer X Calmly Kaotic

It was such a privilege to work with Iva on this shoot. Her creations are exceptionally made and I love everything about her story and vision.

I’m excited for all that’s to come for Iva Pfeiffer. Make sure you jump over and check out her website where you can watch footage of the NYFW OFS Runway.

N x

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