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My New Wardrobe Mission, Feat. Essilor Lenses

It’s Winter, time for a bit of hibernation and an opportunity to rethink my wardrobe, top to toe. I’m going through a phase of decluttering, assessing what’s functional, what’s important, what I love, what’s enduring, and crucially… what’s not.

Moving forward my goal is to have a streamlined, curated, capsule wardrobe free from excess, free of fast-fashion and free of chaos. For me, this is about consciously addressing function, quality and my true unchanging personal style with each decision, and not just mindlessly consuming trends.

Recently it was time for some new prescription glasses and in keeping with my reevaluated personal mission I was excited to get my hands on a pair of Transitions Lenses, to finally combine my prescriptions with my sunglasses. Big tick.

Gone are the days of prescription glasses being an embarrassing necessity… On the contrary they’re now meeting all of my style-meets-function goals, especially with Essilor’s new Transitions Signature Style Colours lenses which come in a range of beautiful shades.

In case you hadn’t heard of Transitions lenses they’re super clever, offering completely clear glass for indoor use but transitioning to a dark protective lens as direct UV light hits them. Brilliant. I visited my local optometrist Kings Eyewear to find my perfect pair. Of course, I’m terrible at decision making and there was literally walls of options but I found my perfect frames.

The glasses I selected are timeless Prada frames in a classic aviator style which I’ve always loved over the years, and will never grow tired of. I selected Amber lenses from the Transitions Signature Style Colours range which pare perfectly with the gold frames, but your optometrist will have a range of frames to select from which you can match with amethyst, sapphire, emerald or amber lenses. Your glasses, your signature style.

I’m so in love with them, from working on the blog indoors to jumping in the car and then ducking to the shops, groceries, meetings, events… these are the glasses that do it all and that I can proudly say are helping to define my style and refine my wardrobe.

FYI you’ll be seeing them in high rotation on my insta-feed, because I literally do not need to take them off lol.

N x

*While this is a sponsored post my reviews & opinions are authentic. I own my words, and you can read my full disclosure statement here.


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