My Natural Beauty Edit Continued…

Natural Beauty Edit

Welcome to Part Two of my journey to the perfect bathroom drawer! I started this Natural Beauty series to document my progress, and help others on the same mission to cut harmful chemicals out of their life for good. You can find my first round of trials here but I’ve since tried a number of other products and am slowly but surely replacing regular supermarket products with options which are more considered, and better for me.

So here it is, my natural beauty edit continued…

Endota Spa Organics & Mineral Makeup Range

These Endota Organics products smell amazing, and simply knowing you’re not loading your skin up with nasties is such a relief. The cleanser and creams feel wonderfully nourishing but I have to say I’m particularly loving the mineral makeup! Makeup will, I think, prove to be one of my biggest challenges with shifting to natural products. I’ve used mineral powders for a while, but I know I need to do more. Adding good quality natural makeup to my beauty bag is an ongoing challenge but I’ve now got all the basics sorted; powder foundation, bronzer, lip/cheek stain and my new fav mascara. Love.

Detox-a-pit from Earths Purities

This is an all natural 7 day detox for your armpits! If you’re like me and have been using supermarket deodorants for decades then you really need to do this detox which assists in drawing out toxins, heavy metals and impurities stuck in the skin and tissue. It’s scary to think that lymph nodes in the armpit and connecting tissue to the breast can be directly impacted by what we are rolling or spraying under our arms, these impurities and toxins can cause hormonal imbalance, illness and affect immune responses. Not good. Do yourself a favour and detox those pits! Also, the hot tip about this product is that it’s also a natural option for zapping pesky pimples!

I have also trialled the male fragrance of Earth’s Purities natural roll-on deodorant since writing my original post (where I tried the Female fragrance), and definitely favour the male fragrance. Def worth trying if you’re like me and prefer a more masculine fragrance for deodorants.

Antipodes Lipsticks

There’s a worrying statistic that some women will ingest as much as 3kg of lipstick in their lifetime – either through absorbing it, or gobbling it up. Oh em gee. It stands to reason that we should seriously consider what we put on our lips, and Antipodes healthy lipstick range is natural, healthy, certified vegetarian and made from edible ingredients including superfoods like Avocado & Argan oil. Available in a range of colours to suit your mood it’s definitely a clever switch.

[A’kin] Shampoo & Conditioner

I’ve decided to have one more shot at being blonde before I make the big change back to my natural hair colour, of course this will take considerable time for my hair to fully grow out naturally but my intention is to start that process by the end of the year. In the mean time I wanted to switch out to a natural & chemical free shampoo and conditioner, one that nourishes my hair without the need for additional products. I’m SO pleased to have found A’kin. I’m using the Wheat Protein combo, for dry & damaged hair and I couldn’t be happier. It leaves my hair tangle free & smelling amazing, but it also gives my hair life & body and I’m loving it.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery

I’ve long been a fan of Jurlique and have used many of their products over the years, even before deciding to officially go natural. The thing I hate most about winter, even more than the actual cold, is the affect it has on my skin. I become so dry my skin flakes (ew!) and I get ITCHY AF. So, coming into the cooler months I really enjoy a good face oil and this Herbal Recovery Antioxidant Treatment is 100% natural and just what the doctor ordered.Using an oil on face, and body, is my best defence against dry winter skin. I know when I use Jurlique products that I’m making a smart choice for my skin and my wellbeing.

Natural Beauty Edit

Mr Masaaki Matcha

While I’m talking all things good for you, I’ll also throw in a bonus recommendation for the kitchen… Mr Masaaki‘s premium artisian Matcha is pure stone ground powder made from 100% green tea leaves, and it’s definitely a product to jump on. While Matcha is relatively new to me it’s actually been used for centuries by zen monks for calming and concentrating properties and vast health benefits. This product is ceremonial grade, and amazing. Use it in everything from brewed tea to protein shakes and healthy home made snacks.

Here’s to continuing the natural beauty journey and the perfect bathroom drawer!

As always, if you know of any amazing natural products, be sure to add your suggestions in the comments below.

N x


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