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To call 2015 “challenging” would be a huge understatement, it has easily been my most challenging year of adult life, and to be honest I can’t WAIT to slam the door on it and call good riddance. But, whether I like it or not, I have to get through November & December first.

This got me thinking. Rather than write-off the rest of the year why not grab it by the freakin’ horns and DO SOMETHING. I have decided that instead of feeling sorry for myself and saying NO to all the things I can’t be stuffed doing I am going to empower myself to have an epic YESvember.

When my alarm goes off, I’m going to say YES to getting out of  bed instead of hitting snooze. I’m going to say YES to gym instead of lasagne and ice cream. When I look at my to-do list and feel completely overwhelmed I’ll say YES to ticking just one thing off at a time, instead of walking away. I’ll say YES to starting meditation, YES to looking after myself and YES to nurturing my ambition. Why wait for 2016 when I can get a running start right now? …Starting ‘fresh’ has it’s motivational advantages but I’d rather be at full sprint toward my goals by the time we scream Happy New Year! Wouldn’t you?

If you’d like to join me I encourage you to grab my free download and write yourself a motivational message or make a list of all the niggling things you’d love to tick off your list by the end of the year and pop it in a prominent place on your wall or desk. Refer to it daily to kick you into action and use #YESvember15 to share your story.

I look forward to writing a follow-up post in early December with lots of personal progress to share!

This is one of my all time fav quotes & this gorgeous handlettering is care of @beaheartdesign.

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