Life would Suck without Cat Embroidered Jeans

Calmly Kaotic

Today I’m talking about the reasons life would suck without jeans… specifically these jeans, they have cat faces embroidered.on.the.knees.

I actually lol’ed when I spotted these over at Zaful, and then I decided they must be mine. They are actually the most amazing jeans ever, and perhaps that speaks more about my personality then it does anything else, but it brings light to fact that jeans are not only the most versatile item in any wardrobe but also say a lot about our personality.

At a time when trends go in-and-out quicker than a dog stuck on a revolving door I’m finding that I gravitate toward jeans. It’s the one item that I can continue to add to my wardrobe without concern…

*visualizes self at age 80 sitting in a room full of furniture made from stacks of jeans…
**side thought – the cats will love it

LOL! Well I might have to clear out one day, but not any time soon, and never this pair. See, life would suck without cat embroidered jeans… it was said in a marginally more eloquent manner by Oscar de la Renta Fashion is a trend. Style lives within a person.

So, my point is that you don’t need the most expensive piece on the rack, you just need the items that speak to your personality and resonate with your style. So, go forth! Find your metaphorical cat embroidered jeans, (or these specific jeans – which you can find here, lol)…

zaful-jeans-10 zaful-jeans-11 zaful-jeans-12 zaful-jeans-13 zaful-jeans-14  zaful-jeans-16 zaful-jeans-17 zaful-jeans-18 zaful-jeans-19

Can’t leave without mentioning the velvet-ey amazingness of this top from Zara, Watch from Marc Bale, Pearl bangle from The Peach Box, Singlet from Mossimo Australia, and boots from Therapy. Plus, credits to my amazing photographer, Ant from Glimpse Photography.

N x

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    December 16, 2016 at 1:20 AM

    Love what you wrote and I LOVE the cat jeans!!! I think I am going to click thru and get myself a pair for XMAS!!!!

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