Beauty Edit • Summer Edition

This week we’ll hit mid Jan, can you believe it!? Which means it’s also mid Summer already – Wahh! …I think I need to seriously consider moving to the Maldives. Mid-summer-crisis aside, I’d like to share my latest beauty edit complete with the top 10 products helping to keep my pasty white, ultra uv sensitive, sea-salt covered bod sorted this Summer.

Body Shop • Moringa Cream Body Scrub
With cold-pressed Moringa seed oil.
I’m not sure what it is about that fragrance but it is seriously summer. Me & my sister are obsessed with this fragrance, and it sticks… There’s nothing better than getting out of a luke warm summer shower, feeling fresh & smelling insanely good. It’s also peak fake tan season so it’s important to find a really good body scrub to make sure tans fade evenly and reapply in the same streak free fashion.

Miss M by Minx • Dark Ganache Tanning Lotion
Tinted Lotion, gradual dark tan, pomegranate scented.
As a very pale skinned kid I’ve been through my share of fake tans over the past 13-ish years. This one is EXCELLENT. It’s made by Minx, a 100% Australian owned company that makes profesh salon spray tan products. It’s like chocolate custard and has a really nice depth of colour from one application – double up two nights running & it’s the bomb. If I can’t make time for an actual fake tan, then this is my next best thing.


Impulse • Impulse Aerosol Pefume Spray
15cm mini can, cute fragrances, locking spray cap.
I have to admit I hadn’t used Impulse since high school but this is actually the perfect beach bag addition for a quick spritz. With a safety-twist-top cap it wont accidentally leak or spray a wet patch inside your bag, and there are bunch of cute fruity fragrances. I’m a big fan of travel sized stuff and these are just super handy – I now keep a few scattered in the car, bag, and desk.

Nude By Nature • Cream Blush (limited edition)
Australian owned & made, mineral based.
I wish I was the kind of girl that could walk off the beach with nothing more than a mad hair flick and look flawless but it just ain’t fact. So, finding an easy, travel safe makeup option is brilliant. I mean I’m not rushing to cake on the foundation post-swim but the lifeless look isn’t great either, especially at the beach. This little liquid tube means I can pop a bit of life back into my cheeks, no brush needed, barely even a mirror required actually. I’m a big fan of Nude by Nature products, and while this is limited edition I know they also do a cheek tint which will be next on my to-try list.

Ambiance • Dry Shampoo Powder
Dermatologically tested, paraben & preservative free, alcohol free, vegan.
For the same reason as previously mentioned this has also become a hair staple recently. I like trying new things and this is cool, it comes in no-tint or in various colours (I’ve got both un-tinted & blonde), and has a soft-brush applicator so the powder filters through the brush and you can evenly apply & distribute it. If you’re like me and the combo of salt, suncream & sweaty hat hair leaves a lot to be desired then this is another easy, travel safe option to touch up your look on the run… chuck in the beach bag, travel bag and/or car.

VS Sasoon • Satin Touch MiniPRO Straightener
Compact travel straightener, travel pouch. 
I grabbed this on the run from Priceline a few months ago but it has proved to be an invaluable edition to my bathroom drawer & travel bag. I hit the jackpot and found this one with a glitter travel case (winninng!) but now available in black or red. One of the things I love most about Summer is hot days that turn into balmy nights… when beach days become arvo sippers, become dinner, become… Berocca in the morning. Having a handy travel straightener means that you can have a seamless transition, which is great because my version of “beach hair” is more gross than glam.


Bliss FabuLips • Pout-o-matic lip perfecting system
Battery powered lip perfecting tool, comes with sugar lip scrub.
My lips get chapped as f*ck during summer. Actually, I put quite a few of my skin gripes down to the fact I really do not keep well hydrated (something that I vow to change this year). This being the case, dry lips are an infinite burden. Enter the Fabulips Pout-0-matic, quite a mouthful, but it is actually a really brilliant conditioning tool. Using the sugar lip scrub it lightly buffs away dead skin and leaves lips soft and smooth. All I need to do now is remember to grab the Lanolips…

Lanolips • Lip Ointment with Colour (Rhubarb)
SPF 15, contains over 60% ultra pure grade lanolin, free from animal testing.
A cute tinted moisturising ointment is just what the doctor ordered to help keep sun damage to a minimum. Did you know that once Lanolin penetrates into the skin, it holds up to 400 times its weight in water? Neither did I, actually I just read that, but if that’s the case then that would explain why Lanolips is doing a top job.

Purasonic NEO • Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush
200 sonic oscillations per second, waterproof, comes with foaming face wash, and lemon & sage body scrub.
Funnily enough (and as much as I truly LOVE summer) the combination of suncream, sweat, sun, salt, and a diet of cheese boards and lychee martinis means my skin needs a little more attention than usual between Dec & Feb. I’d never used a brush like this before (*slaps self on wrist) until I had one sent to me just prior to Christmas … I wish I’d of invested in one of these ages ago. It has two speeds, is waterproof, and BELIEVE IT OR NOT it works waaaay better than my my finger tips to effectively cleanse & remove makeup and impurities from my skin.

Antipodes • Jubilation Ultra Nourishing Hand & Body Cream
With superfruit kiwi seed oil, wild blackcurrent & feijoa.
If you read my November Post you’ll have seen I’m a new fan of all things Antipodes and this moisturiser is no exception. This is the final piece in my summer beauty puzzle. After everything that summer has to throw at us a good moisturiser is my #1 must-have, and with essential omegas 3, 6 and 9 and vit A, C and E to boot, this one offers a beautiful creamy texture, yummy fragrance and all the hydration I need to keep my skin (and tan) in tip top shape.

Enjoy what’s left of summer babes. I’ll be spending mine snacking on frozen grapes & planning a holiday to completely skip winter.

Until next time x


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