My 6 Week Body Challenge

Who else just got swept away in the wild torrent that was January? How does that even happen, one second we are shouting happy New Year and next minute it’s 02/16 and there’s EASTER EGGS in woolies… let’s chalk that one up as a practice month, shall we?

Now, February, let’s talk. You did me a massive favour by starting on a Monday because it’s the ultimate motivator – new week, new month, new ME! lol. But seriously, I’m so pumped by the release of my mates “6 Week Women’s Fitness Program” which is soon to be launched online. I’ve been working on building the website for Tom and in doing so he’s challenged me to complete his program… *eek.

This year I vowed to live big, be happy, enjoy the moments and become the best version of myself. Late last year I learnt to practice Vedic meditation with another friend of mine Kate Cliff which has already created a shift in my life that I can’t even quite explain, and the next phase in my transition toward wellbeing involves diet & fitness.

As you’d of seen across the blog I’m a petite person (I’m a size 6-8 as it is and I’m lucky that’s just in my genes) BUT, I’m not particularly toned, I’m not terribly fit, I HAVE CELLULITE, and muffin tops, I eat too much maccas and drink too much coffee (and wine). I’m all about acceptance & loving ourselves despite our flaws but, like most people, I have insecurities too and ultimately I know that I’m still a ways off from looking and feeling my best.

What last year taught me is that there are things in life we cannot change, but in the midst of that chaos there’s things that we CAN…

So, this is where I say “bring it on”… challenge accepted Tom.

For the next 6 weeks I’ll be putting the program to the test, I’ve seen the results first hand on some of his clients and impressive is an understatement.

Let this post be the anchor for my accountability!

You can follow Tom on insta @tombakerhealthandfitnesscoach to keep an eye on the website launch date, coming soon!

I look forward to sharing my progress x

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