What to wear to a Day Party

The festive season is such a fun time of year, there’s always something to do and it’s totally acceptable to party on school nights. There also seems to be way more stuff happening during the day, or afternoons that lead to nights, which can be really tricky to dress appropriately for, especially when there’s work colleagues around or (if you’re like me) you love the endless canapes so much so that your perfectly fitting dress which you put on 3 hours ago is starting to feel uncomfortably tight, and there’s still at least 3 hours of canapes party left.

This is why I’m totally obsessing over the Culottes trend. Particularly these culottes, from Sheike (in fact the whole outfit is from Sheike). They are the perfect length for a fun day time party look, perfectly fitting, light & summery, super high-waisted (which I LOVE) and totally versatile for all occasions – including work. The ‘Amalfi’ top really sets it off though as a party outfit, and it too can be easily paired with other items, #winning. Finding a 2pc outfit like this is actually the greatest thing ever, I hate seeing things I love hang in the wardrobe because ‘I wore that to the last thing‘, so mix and match is the way to go.

img_8892 img_8893img_4613img_8897img_8898 img_8895 img_8896

My advice for day dressing is keep it light; light colours, light fabrics, light makeup & comfortable shoes!

Shout out to the girls at my local Shellharbour store who helped me put the look together (the bandage top didn’t look great on the hanger but fell in love the moment I put it on!). Happy Summer partying kiddos.

N x


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