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The Trick to Achieving the Perfect Summer Body

Summer Body - LaSculpte

Ok, this is it. It’s the trick to achieving the perfect summer body, it’s the holy grail, it’s the quickest fix you’ll ever find – and all you need to do is repeat after me… are you ready?

Perfection.. is.. a.. mindset” … I know… mind.blown, right?! But in all seriousness, one of my biggest road blocks with maintaining a work out regime is giving myself unreachable goals, and constantly moving the goal posts. In recent times I’ve given up chasing a Victoria’s Secret bod & choose rather to work toward ‘the best version of me‘. And that mindset is no longer rigidly associated with weight or dress size. You see, my body is a gift, and my life is a gift. And so, rather than filling said life with unrealistic expectations I’d rather fill it with wellness… this includes being fit, and healthy, as well as all of the good stuff… sunshine, salt & sand, brunches, cheese & wine, laughter, showing gratitude and having confidence.

So, the bottom line is quit focusing on body. After all, if you remove the word ‘body’ from the heading, what you’re left with is the perfect summer. See that, see what I did there.

LaSculpte Activewear

How to Achieve the Perfect Summer Body

CalmlyKaotic x LaSculpte Activewear

Summer Body - CalmlyKaotic

Activewear Review - LaSculpte

Here’s to wellness & wearing activewear everywhere we go.

Outfit from @LaSculpte – I love these high-rise tights that fit flat & snug around my waist, and #amen to a sports bra that offers plenty of support. Check out their website for all things activewear, shapewear & swimwear, supporting all shapes

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