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Our Pre-Baby Staycay at Quay West Suites Sydney

Mitch and I recently had the privilege of staying at Quay West Suites Sydney for a special pre-baby staycay. It’s a special window of time for us, with bub only 8 weeks away we’re making the most of time together. Enjoying each other’s company without distraction, eating at beautiful restaurants without looking at the time, sleep-ins, and the little things like grabbing an overnight bag and just walking out the door not to return for a couple of days. Quay…

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Home Life

My Process of Simplifying

I’ve been on a mission for a little while now. Operation simplification. The simple clutter-free life has charm and appeal on so many levels and I’m just at a point where STUFF for the sake of STUFF doesn’t appeal to me. It doesn’t appeal to me on a sustainability level, it doesn’t make any sense financially to waste and consume, and most importantly it takes up space in our heads as much as our homes. As Macklemore so aptly said…

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Here’s why I’m not eating meat in my Pregnancy

why im not eating meat in pregnancy

I get un-approving looks when I say I’m not eating meat during my pregnancy. I acknowledge that there’s things in meat that you can’t readily get elsewhere, like B12 which is why I take a supplement for that. But I am getting my Iron, protein, calcium etc from alternative high grade sources such as organic leafy greens, beans and nuts etc. It’s so important to support the body during pregnancy, by eating foods that are high quality, organic, non-complex (in…

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Politely, please shut up.

I have to preface this post by saying this is not directed at anyone in particular, but rather the MANY who feel it necessary to rain on our parade by persisting with ‘jokes’ about parenthood. “Oh you’re having a baby…”; “You don’t know what’s going to hit you haha”, “say goodbye to sleep haha”, “say goodbye to your sex life haha”, “say goodbye to your money haha”, “say goodbye to your freedom haha” and my favourite… “good luck HA HA”. Oh…

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This is why I’m abstaining from coffee during pregnancy

coffee during pregnancy

Coffee is bad news, it does not care for our wellbeing… It enjoys long walks and socialising but is quietly sabotaging our health. Let’s face it, coffee is our best frenemy. I feel like I need to start this post by saying, I’m not having a go at coffee drinkers… I would never… coffee lovers are a passionate people, and I’m not here to get between a sleep deprived mumma and her daily fix… after all I use to be…

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What is “Rounding” and why it’s a non-negotiable part of my Pregnancy Wellbeing Plan

What is Rounding

This past week I was in Byron Bay, for one of Tim Brown’s rounding retreats. If you follow along on instagram you might have seen that I was in Manly in March for a similar retreat and it was that experience that made me really realise the importance of this kind of self-care. I decided, upon receiving the exciting news that I was pregnant, that I was going to do everything I could for myself and my wellbeing during my…

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Fashion Wardrobe

My New Wardrobe Mission, Feat. Essilor Lenses

It’s Winter, time for a bit of hibernation and an opportunity to rethink my wardrobe, top to toe. I’m going through a phase of decluttering, assessing what’s functional, what’s important, what I love, what’s enduring, and crucially… what’s not. Moving forward my goal is to have a streamlined, curated, capsule wardrobe free from excess, free of fast-fashion and free of chaos. For me, this is about consciously addressing function, quality and my true unchanging personal style with each decision, and…

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Life The Lounge

The Next Big Chapter… I’m Pregnant!

Well, this is it… I’m pregnant! It feels so good to finally let the cat out of the bag. I’m 16 weeks and it feels SO good. Some of you might recall last year I shared one of my most personal posts when I opened up about why I was afraid to have kids. In this post I shared how I had struggled for the better part of a decade with the idea of starting a family, and how a…

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My Review of the SIMBA Sleep Mattress

SIMBA Sleep Mattress Review

A couple of months ago you might recall me pulling a mattress out of a box on my insta stories. If you missed it you missed out on a glorious Lion King singalong as we pulled the SIMBA from the box lol. Not unlike the magic of pulling a rabbit out of a hat I still can’t actually understand how they got the mattress in there, but out it came and up it puffed and just like that – a…

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Home Life

8 Tips to Effortlessly Pack up Your Life

A change is as good as a holiday, except when the change is a new home which needs to be renovated from top to bottom lol. Moving is exciting though, it’s the end of an era and a fresh start in a new chapter. I had planned to be super organised with this move, but between work & the reno it has inevitably caught up with me and we now due to be OUT! Moving house has been classed as…

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