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10 Essential Beauty Items You Need For Travelling

Essential Beauty Items for Travel

The following is a guest post from the gorgeous Emma Spencer over at The Emasphere.

So I have to admit I’m an awful holiday packer. Like many women, I always over pack and take too many things with me that I never end up wearing or using.

As I’m sure most of you can relate, too often I’ve had to cull items from my oversized suitcase, and beauty items, being normally the heaviest after shoes, (I always pack way too many shoes) are the things to go.

However, despite the culling, I believe there are ten essential items you should always carry in your suitcase – yes, even if it means taking out one of those 15 pairs of heels!

These ten items are what you need to maintain your beauty regime and to protect your skin from the new environment while you’re on holiday.

Here’s the list:

Make up wipes

Make up wipes are a no brainer! Not only are they fabulously handy for taking your make up off, they’re also good to use to freshen up while you’re on a flight or having a busy day sightseeing.

Try Milk & Co Beauty Wipes

Essential Beauty Items for Travel

Hair serum

Protective hair serum is especially good to pack in your suitcase if you’re travelling to a warmer climate. I lathered my hair in serum while I was in Asia as I was constantly in the sun and in and out of water, and believe me it made such a difference!

Try Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment

Essential Beauty Items for Travel

Face moisturiser

No matter if you’re holidaying in a warm or cold climate, a good moisturising face cream is super essential for keeping your skin hydrated and plump in a new environment.

Try Clinique Moisture Surge Intense

Clinique Moisture Surge Intense

Hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is probably my most used beauty product while I’m on holiday. It’s so handy for cleaning your hands while you’re out and about, and is an instant refresher, especially in hot weather.

Try Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash

Essential Beauty Items for Travel


I’m a real sunscreen obsessor while I’m on holiday. Being from Australia, and as many Australians can relate to, I know what it’s like to be incredibly burnt. There’s no way I want to put my skin through that again!

Try Clarins Sun Care Cream High Protection UVB/UVA 30

Essential Beauty Items for Travel

Lip balm

Your lips will thank you if you invest in a good lip balm for your travels. The flight and the change in weather will instantly dry out your lips, so make sure you do you them a favour and balm them up.

Try Aesop Protective Lip Balm – SPF 30

Essential Beauty Items for Travel

CC cream

CC cream is such an amazing product for travelling. It moisturises, sun protects, and with its tint, becomes a lighter replacement to foundation. While travelling in Asia, I barely touched my foundation as it was seriously too hot to worry about makeup, so my CC cream was a saviour!

Try Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF 30 Hydrating Colour Corrector

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF 30 Hydrating Colour Corrector

Face cleanser

A good cleanser is a must for travelling. Washing your face twice a day will help clean up all the grime and dirt you’ve gathered from your day of venturing.

Try Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser

Essential beauty items for travel

Dry shampoo

I love dry shampoo! I try to give my hair a break from washing while on holidays so it can relish in its natural oils. However, when it gets too much to handle, or you’re going for a nice dinner and don’t have time to give your hair a wash, dry shampoo should be your go-to.

Try Balmain Dry Shampoo

Balmain Dry Shampoo

Body cream

As with a face cream, body cream is another essential beauty item you need to pack. Applying a nice moisturiser every day will protect your skin and give it all the nourishing it needs after a day in the sun, rain or snow!

Try Korres Santorini Body Milk

Korres Santorini Body Milk

What are your must-have beauty items for travelling? Are these your essentials too?

For more travel tips and advice make sure you check out or @theemasphere on Instagram!

Editors Note: Emma Spencer is a Melbourne born blogger babe & absolute superstar, currently living in the UK after completing her Commerce Degree. The Emasphere is a fashion, travel and lifestyle blog for female jetsetters, fashion babes, and style explorers. Emma draws on her travel experience, her love of style and discovering unique brands, to bring her readers a one-stop-shop of attainable and luxurious fashion, travel and beauty. And what ever you do, don’t forget to jump over and check out her newly launched shoe blog, The Shoe Report!

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