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My New Wardrobe Mission, Feat. Essilor Lenses

It’s Winter, time for a bit of hibernation and an opportunity to rethink my wardrobe, top to toe. I’m going through a phase of decluttering, assessing what’s functional, what’s important, what I love, what’s enduring, and crucially… what’s not. Moving forward my goal is to have a streamlined, curated, capsule wardrobe free from excess, free of fast-fashion and free of chaos. For me, this is about consciously addressing function, quality and my true unchanging personal style with each decision, and…

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Life The Lounge

The Next Big Chapter… I’m Pregnant!

Well, this is it… I’m pregnant! It feels so good to finally let the cat out of the bag. I’m 16 weeks and it feels SO good. Some of you might recall last year I shared one of my most personal posts when I opened up about why I was afraid to have kids. In this post I shared how I had struggled for the better part of a decade with the idea of starting a family, and how a…

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My Review of the SIMBA Sleep Mattress

SIMBA Sleep Mattress Review

A couple of months ago you might recall me pulling a mattress out of a box on my insta stories. If you missed it you missed out on a glorious Lion King singalong as we pulled the SIMBA from the box lol. Not unlike the magic of pulling a rabbit out of a hat I still can’t actually understand how they got the mattress in there, but out it came and up it puffed and just like that – a…

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Home Life

8 Tips to Effortlessly Pack up Your Life

A change is as good as a holiday, except when the change is a new home which needs to be renovated from top to bottom lol. Moving is exciting though, it’s the end of an era and a fresh start in a new chapter. I had planned to be super organised with this move, but between work & the reno it has inevitably caught up with me and we now due to be OUT! Moving house has been classed as…

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10 High Waisted Swimwear Labels You Need In Your Life


As promised, there’s to be a whole lot more of my signature style on the blog this year and that means HIGH WAISTED errything. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it suits my figure best, and it’s a swimwear style that isn’t actually all that easy to find amidst the teeny weenie bikinis which do NOTHING for my body shape. So, I’ve done the leg work & I hope this post helps all you ladies who dig a high…

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2018: Year of New Beginnings & Fresh Inspiration

Calmly Kaotic 2018

What a huge year! I can’t actually believe it’s over and with 2018 only days away I thought I’d share with you what’s coming for the new year… Well, lots! We’ve got wheels in motion for all sorts of fun and games with more property developments and travel, but what I wanted to share with you here is what you can expect to see & read across the blog & my socials. It’s time to set some intentions, and propel…

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Home Life

How to Mentally & Physically Prepare for a Move

how to mentally & physically prepare for your move

We have some news. After a few months on the market, we’ve finally exchanged on the sale of our house! All going well we’ll be starting our next chapter early in the new year! It’s an exciting time, but also a crazy time of year to be going through the process of preparing for a move. Truth is moving home is a big life event, and a huge adjustment at any time of year, let alone the silly season. It…

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I Wrote A Love Letter To My Body

Love Letter To My Body - Journey in Ayurveda

I wrote a love letter to my body. It was an exercise that came up in a book about gut health and I literally laughed out loud and said to myself “LLAAAAME” when I first read it. I was about to move on to the next chapter without completing the task when I thought ‘stuff it’ I’ve committed to reading this book (a feat for me on its own) I might as well commit fully to what I’m trying to…

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Food Lifestyle

Starting Summer off Right with HelloFresh

One of the revelations I had while overseas this year, from the US to Europe, is that Australia has the most epic food ever. Not that we haven’t found amazing food everywhere we’ve been, but as far as fresh produce and an abundance of vegetarian/vegan food options Australia is by far my #1. All hail smashed avo! Since moving to a mostly plant based diet I’ve become super aware of menu options and what’s actually available to us, and it’s…

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3 Strategies to Define & Conquer your New Year Goals

As the year draws to a close it’s time to define some goals for the new year. I find this time of year exciting not just because of the faint sound of sleigh-bells in the distance but because I love that the new year offers an opportunity to redefine my short term goals & refocus. Here are my 3 simple strategies to define & conquer your new year goals: 1 // DEFINE WHAT YOU WANT This is a wildly broad…

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